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Fuerteventura  Info

With its location just over 50 miles off the west coast of Africa and European heritage through its being part of Spain the canary Island of Fuerteventura has long been popular with tourists and visitors wanting some sunshine with political stability.

The climate is ideal all the year with winters akin to an English summer and long hot sunny days in the summer with temperatures often reaching over 35c (that is well on its way to 100f if you still think in old money!).

Fuerteventura airport provides good communications with the rest of Europe with many reasonably priced flights arriving every day of the year. The island is only about 60 miles long and 20 miles across so transfers never take long.

Besides the obvious attraction to sun-seekers, Fuerteventura is also popular with adherents of all water sports as well especially surfers, wind and kite sufing, diving, sailing and fishing.

If you want to consider other areas of Spain and its islands, Torrevieja Property is a boom area on the Costa Blanca or always a favourite is the famous city on the south coast Alicante Property. Or you might want to look at Benidorm Property for somewhere a lot livelier. All have good and abundant choices of real estate that is ideal for investment.



Fuerteventura  Info

Fuerteventura  info to assist in your visit or  purchase of property there.