Fuerteventura Restaurants For Sale

Fuerteventura Restaurants For Sale
Restaurants For Sale Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Restaurants For Sale | The best Restaurant deals change often, so don't miss out.

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Featured Property

3 bedroom Villa El Raso Guardamar
Only 240,000.00 Euros

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Fuerteventura Restaurants For Sale
Restaurants are always are popular business venture to take in the warmer climes of Fuerteventura, Spain, catering to visitors and locals (both English and Spanish). Successful and well run restaurants are very profitable enabling a good life style for the owner with a lot of hard work of course. Buying an established restaurant business is a lot easier than starting afresh with all the bureaucracy and time that involves. Business mortgages are rarely available from the banks but often it is fairly easy to get a mortgage on the freehold property.
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Freehold restaurants and leasehold restaurants are available in the Fuerteventura area, a freehold business you buy outright, a leasehold you pay a lump-sum then an inflation indexed, annual rent to the owner. Leases can be for anything between 5 and 25 years normally, the exact term is often negotiable. A lease would enable you to run the business as you please although you can't alter the buildings structure without consent.

Featured Property

3 bedroom Villa El Raso Guardamar
Only 249,950.00 Euros

Sorry, no restaurants for sale were found for Fuerteventura

Of course if you decide to move on, both freeholds and leased restaurants can be sold on to an interested party, with a commision (10 to 20%) to the owner in the case of a leased Fuerteventura restaurant.

Whether you are buying a freehold or leased Fuerteventura restaurant business, a non-refundable deposit will be required when you sign the offer, so ensure that you have the relevant funds in place and have taken all necessary legal advice prior to this happening.

Locate restaurants for sale in and close to Fuerteventura Spain. Purchase a restaurant, cafeteria, snack bar, or restaurant-bar, direct from local Fuerteventura real estate agents or their owners, all types of Fuerteventura restaurant available, catering for the visitors, tourists, expats and local trade.
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