Fuerteventura Fincas For Sale

Fuerteventura Fincas For Sale
Fincas For Sale in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Fincas For Sale | The best Fincas deals change often, so don't miss out.

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Featured Property

2 bedroom Villa El Raso Guardamar
Only 149,950.00 Euros

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Fuerteventura Fincas For Sale
You will see below fincas for sale around Fuerteventura, all within an easy drive of the town itself. A finca, which is actually Spanish for estate, is usually used now as a term for a farm or farmhouse with land attached. Many have been bought and renovated as holiday or retirement homes by northern europeans. They usually have scope to extend them and the larger ones often have been converted into bed and breakfast accommodation or similar.

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With mostly agricultural land around Fuerteventura, old and new farmhouses or "fincas" are fairly commonplace giving the buyers a good selection to choose from. Alongside the small photo, you will see a brief description, details and the price, for the full information just click each link. Slightly higher quality photos are also available, but you can always ask the vendor to send you some full size pictures of any you are interested in, I'm sure they will be happy to oblige you.

Featured Property

2 bedroom Apartment Guardamar Guardamar
Only 160,000.00 Euros

Lajares Finca Free Advert
Finca Ref: 8990
Lajares, Spain
2 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
247,200.00 Euros
Lajares, Lajares Finca for sale
Ref:AT152-fuerteventura-property. 2 bedroom Finca for sale in the village of Lajares-fuerteventura-property.
Please see 2 bedroom Finca Lajares Lajares for sale for more info

Other things to consider when buying a property out in the countryside is access, electricity supply, telephone and water, if it isn't already stated, you should make sure you are aware of the availability of these essential services. If they are not already there it can cost small fortunes to install them if it is even possible, and may take years!

If you intend to grow anything on your land in a big way, due to the high summer temperatures and very low rainfall, irrigation of some sort is a must, I doubt much would grow without it, even forgetting to water your patio pots for a day can turn a beautiful display, into a selection of dead flowers.

Check out our selection of fincas for sale in Fuerteventura, that are advertised here for sale by the the owners or by an agency. Buy a Fuerteventura finca, or an old farm house, nearby, some with large pieces of land. A good choice of fincas to buy, some at a reduced price, ready for you to pick up a bargain.
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